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SMC's IZF series - Fan Type Ionizer

These fan type ionizers provide extensive and rapid neutralisation, leading to productivity improvements.

SMC's ZHP Series - Vacuum Pad with Integrated Ejector

The combination of a vacuum pad and an ejector in the same product, makes the ZHP series a functional and compact solution.


In the event of an emergency, many applications require the compressed air to be safely exhausted. The easiest and most reliable way is by employing pressure release valves.

SMC's JXC Series - Step Motor Controller

JXC#1 Series allows to directly control the position, speed and force of any of SMC's LE range of electric actuators through an EtherNet/IP, DeviceNetTM, EtherCAT or PROFINET fieldbus network. Its simplified control system, setup and wiring provide labour saving.

SMC's MHM-X6400 Series - Magnetic Gripper

In those applications where vacuum pads or grippers do not perform optimally, e.g. due to porous or uneven surfaces, SMC's Magnetic Gripper does the task as best as it can.

SMC's Featured Products : Thermo-chillers

SMC's chillers maintain the temperature of heat generating devices in industrial process within strict limits, while achieving precise and accurate temperature control.

SMC's Compact Cylinders - J Cylinder

SMC's J Cylinders have been specially designed to maximise efficiency through an optimisation of their weight and dimensions.

SMC's Featured Products : Electric Actuators

With an extensive variety of mechanics and controllers, SMC's Electric Actuators can adapt to the specificities of any application. The options for the motion control allow to command either by digital I/Os or fieldbus.

SMC's ZK2 Series

SMC's ZK2 Series is compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems and the digital pressure switch for vacuum with energy-saving function cuts supply air when the pressure reaches the desired vacuum. Air consumption: 90% reduction .

AS-Q/AS-R: Air Saving Speed Controllers

AS-R Series provides a reduction of up to 30% in air consumption by fixing the return stroke to a set value. AS-Q Series on the other hand, assists in speeding up the pressure charge. Both Speed Controllers are as easy to operate as traditional Speed Controllers.

SMC's MXZ Series

SMC's MXZ series design and assembly time is reduced due to integration of a linear guide to the cylinder. MXZ series also lightweight workpieces such as electronic boards can be stopped, positioned and clamped.Port location selectable and auto switch mountable on 3 surfaces .

IZT Series: Separate Controller Ionizer/Bar Type

The controller and high-voltage power supply module can be mounted separately. One controller can control a maximum of 4 ionizers. Potential amplitude: 25 V or less . Rapid neutralization of static electricity: Max. speed of 0.1s .

Wireless System EX600-W

Usable even in welding environments. High-speed connection: From power supply ON to start of communication: Min. 250 ms. Communication cables not required.

ISE 70/71 Series

It is possible to change the settings while checking the measured value. IO-Link. Angled display with good visibility from various mounting positions.

SMC's D-MP Positionssensor

IO-Link version V1.1 . Process data length 2-byte input . Transmission speed COM3 (230.4 kbps). Minimum cycle time 1.0 ms. IO-Link port type Class A .

SMC's ZP3P Series

Good for film packaging applications where the shape of the workpiece changes easily when lifted . Uses silicone rubber compliant with the FDA . Reduced leakage . Reduction of wrinkles made on thin workpieces.